Furnace Creek is an alternative/indie rock band from Orange County, NY, After the break up of their former band Stovepipe Wells, Dan Wixtrom and Mark Hurey formed Furnace Creek on June 13th, 2015. Since then Furnace Creek has put out three releases and gone on several tours.

No matter if they're playing on a sidewalk, in the basement of a DIY house show, or a professional stage, they are always driven by the love and passion for the music they perform.


The name Furnace Creek comes from the area in Death Valley National Park in California. It is the lowest elevation in America with mountains completely surrounding it. In this place, only the moon can guide you out.


Furnace Creek is:

Dan Wixtrom

Mark Hurey

Justin Cole

Ian O'Neill


Just because you're not in the band doesn't mean you're not in the band

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